Settling in…

One month, one week, and one day ago we moved into our current home. We had been here about a week and a half when my parents came out for a 10-day visit. They wanted to help. They did help. Dad helped with the back deck. Mom helped with the laundry that had piled up during the nearly 2 weeks it took us to decide upon, purchase, and get delivery of our new washer and dryer. They both helped with the kids.

It was a great visit, but it’s impossible to “settle in” when you have houseguests.

We have now had a few weeks with the house to ourselves. We’ve unpacked almost all of our boxes. We’ve gotten rid of the furniture that doesn’t fit in the new space and purchased ‘new’ furniture that does fit (nobody mentions that part in discussing the cost of moving). Most importantly, the hot tub is up and running. It feels like we’re nearly settled in. It feels pretty good.

Of course, once the ‘settling in’ has settled in, the discovery of the household quirks and flaws sets in. We’ve discovered that we can’t use the toaster oven and the microwave at the same time, nor can we use the kettle and the dishwasher at the same time. (I refuse to reorganize the carefully organized kitchen into a less convenient layout because of some stupid electrician!) We also can’t run the dryer with the basement window open or all of that hot air will blow right back into the house. 

But it’s our home and we are here to stay because I sure as hell ain’t moving again any time soon!


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When we were in love

Upon seeing one of the photos from our wedding, our son asked, “Is that from when you were in love?”

Yes, way back in the day kiddo!

We’re coming up on our 9th anniversary soon. 9 years, 2 children, 2 graduate degrees, 7 moves, 4 renovated houses, and we’re still together. Maybe we just looked more energetic and enthusiastic back then!

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Back to school, or not

As the Canadian Labour Day weekend comes to a close, along with a week of holidays for our family, we are looking forward to returning to some semblance of a schedule. Well, actually, dear husband and I are looking forward to going back to our respective offices and returning our children to their full time care activities. 

Unfortunately, as residents of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, this does not include my son starting into his new grade one class at his new school. Why? Well, because all of our teachers are still on strike. Or maybe I should say they are on strike again.

Fun Fact: Since April 1987 – there have been more than 50 strikes and 3 lock outs.

Canada’s public education providers at their finest! Since they’ve gone on strike against each of our major political parties at some point or another, I’d venture a wild and crazy figurative stab in the dark that the common destructive denominator appears to be the union itself. (I’d insert a curse filled rant about unions and rabid lefty loonies at this point, but quite frankly we’re all tired of it all and pretty much all of the parents, regardless of their political leanings, just want the teacher contracts settled and their kids back to being educated.)

I’m bitter. I’m angry. I’m deeply envious of those people who can manage private schools in their budgets. I am more and more convinced every day of the sheer stupidity of my fellow human beings. But on the plus side, I’m willing to be proven wrong about the stupid human beings part! 

At least our current government is willing to ease the financial burden of parents who now find themselves scrambling for additional weeks of summer time childcare… $40/day thank you very much. Considering that I pay taxes that go towards teachers’ salaries, for services that they are currently refusing to provide, I view it as an education rebate more than anything else. Too bad it’s all going towards a few extra weeks of non-educational summer/fall camp activities.

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