Happy hit up your neighbors for candy day!

Halloween houseWe love Halloween at our place! We make our own costumes (mostly), we decorate the house, we carve at least 10 pumpkins – I’ll post pics of those later, and all four of us dress up.

This year hubs will have a zipper on his face, opening up his flesh to reveal the tissue beneath. Son will be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – the blue one. Daughter will be… wait for it…. a princess. I will also be a princess because I have to be exactly what my little girl is, and sadly, a zombie princess is not acceptable :(

One of our greatest traditions is the candy collection. From our first family Halloween, we have taught our children the most important lesson of all… that they are out there collecting candy for the whole family! And they are determined to collect as much candy as possible so that it lasts our family all year long. They take their responsibility seriously.

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Becoming a Player

At 4 and 6, we’re not overly concerned about the career goals of our children. We try to present them with a variety of options. My daughter got a little medical kit (grandma called it a nurses kit which I immediately jumped in and suggested it was for a doctor instead because girls can be doctors now too – thanks grandma) so she’s up on the whole doctor career. Uncle is a forest fire fighter so that one’s on the radar too! Other family members include teachers, nurses, photographers, university and government administrators and probably a few others that I’ve completely forgotten.

We were talking about the things they like to do one evening at the dinner table. My daughter declared that she liked to build things so she was going to be a builder. I can get behind that.

My son thought for a bit and then shouted, “I like to play! I’m going to be a player when I grow up!”

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The wrong bowl

This morning went surprisingly well… for the first part. Usually it’s all World War Wee when it comes to picking out clothes for the little girl. But today, she loved the outfit I had laid out for her the night before – which has never before happened. Most of the time she rejects the clothes she selected the night before, as well as each and every item I suggest to her, then freaks out because I’m not helping her to get dressed. Then I get frustrated and go have a time out. Then she freaks out because I left the room. Then I come back and usually wrestle her into an outfit that she doesn’t want to wear because she refused to go to daycare in her pajamas. I can’t express how fabulous it is to dump drop her off at daycare at the end of the daily battle.

But not today. Today was great.

And then daddy took them downstairs for breakfast. In our house, you need the skills of a bartender to get their cereal orders together. Today the girl had her usual: Cheerios, Mini Wheats and Flakes. The boy kept it simple with Just Cheerios. Okay, so it’s not that complicated. Except for the fact that daddy gave the boy the blue bowl and the girl the orange bowl.

And then we witnessed the END OF THE WORLD!!!

Fast forward to a frantic scramble to the kitchen to swap bowl contents, return the correct bowls to their intended recipients, and order is restored.

I need a coffee.

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