No more bugs!

It is day 11 since discovering the little friends who had started to make their home in my daughter’s hair.

On day one we used the special shampoo and picked through her hair… very very thoroughly. We also vacuumed the whole house and laundered almost everything that could be laundered. Then, I packed up all of the soft toys that could not or should not be washed and put the bags on our back patio.

Day two and I picked through her hair, vacuumed, laundered more stuff, changed her bedding, crossed my fingers and called it done.

Day three, more hair picking, vacuuming, laundry and bedding changes.

Day four, you guessed it, hair picking morning and night, no laundry, but changed up the pillow case on her bed.

Days five, six, seven and eight, more hair picking twice a day.

Days nine and ten, hair picking and the usual laundry.

Day eleven… I have cautiously determined that the bugs are gone. Knock on wood.

My head still itches though, but I’m pretty sure that it’s just due to my skin being dry because of all the dehydrating liquids I’ve been consuming.

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The dreaded L-word

My darling husband had just whisked me off to Vancouver for a fabulous kid free weekend (Happy 40th Birthday to me) in Vancouver. It was fun and relaxing and by the time we were headed home, we were ready to be home.

The kids were excited to see us when we got back, although they did enjoy every moment with their grandparents. Then at bedtime as I was reading to my little princess, I saw something horrifying…

After a grand total of 5 years of close, every day exposure to a gaggle of other kids (daycare and school), we have finally been hit with the dreaded head bug infestation, commonly known as lice. Can I just pause to say that everything itches right now. I’m pretty sure we caught it early on because so far I’ve only found 7 live ones and about 20 eggs. Based on some of the awful stories I’ve heard the past few days from my fellow parents who’ve been where we are, that’s not a lot.

So, for the past few days I have done nothing but laundry, vacuum, nit pick, and repeat. So far we are fortunate enough to have the infestation limited to one child and myself. Did I say fortunate?! I didn’t actually mean fortunate. Fortunate would be if we never had to deal with lice. Ever.

The newly revised bedtime routine is now, get in pajamas, brush teeth, get nits picked while watching TV, then off to bed for a story. Fun times!

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Advanced Grade 1 Science

Every day I ask my son what he did in school that day. Apparently they do nothing at school, or they’re wiping his memory at the end of the school day because usually he says, “I don’t remember.”

Yesterday he told us that they were “teleporting water.”

Me: What are you doing at school?

Son: Teleporting water.

Me: Is this for your science class?

Have I missed something huge going on in the scientific community? Teleporting seems a little advanced for grade one science. I didn’t even think it was possible.

Son: No, we do it at recess.

So now they’re doing independent science experiments on the playground. Is this for extra credit? Am I going to be able to help at all when the time comes for homework to be done? Is there any adult supervision?

Me: So, you teleport water with your friends at recess. How does it work?

Son: We collect the water in a bag and then teleport it to a puddle.

Transport, teleport, tomato, tomahto, right?

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