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Well, my kids have been unusually well behaved lately so I don’t have any built up angst that I need to work out on my blog. So I figured I would share a few things I’ve found to keep you amused or occupied while I brace myself for the next round of kids behaving badly.

The Ugly Volvo – All of my Issues with the “Goodnight Moon” bedroom
I’m happy to say I haven’t had to read “Goodnight Moon” much of late. It’s been gathering dust due to my daughter’s preference for other such tales as “The Christmas Donkey” which is a very long read for bedtime, “We Share Everything” which is also a very long read for bedtime, and any number of the Pinkalicious books which are a much more manageable length. Regardless, I have noticed many of Ugly Volvo’s concerns about the “Goodnight Moon” bedroom.

Wait, But Why – Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy

It may be too late for the GenY Yuppy crew, but those of you with young children can still ensure that your kids will have a happy future. Just keep their expectations low, remind them they aren’t that special, and teach them to work… hard.

Also this…


Okay, you can go on with your day now.

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An unconcious desire to strangle the kidlets

As I was sitting in my daughter’s room this morning, for half an hour, trying to remain calm and resisting the urge to run screaming away while outwardly calm and gently encouraging her to just pick a damn outfit already, it occurred to me…

Before she was even born, my body attempted to strangle her. Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck which led to an emergency c-section oh so many years ago.

Was my body trying to tell me something? It also tried to strangle my son before he was born. Should I be worried?!

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4 KIDS – Jim Gaffigan

I don’t usually post videos to my blog, but this one made me snort a few times and pee my pants just a teensy bit.

Before you watch it, I’d recommend taking a quick potty break. Also, don’t drink anything while watching.

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