Mario Cart as a family

We got a WiiU at Christmas this year. We weren’t planning to but one night my dear husband discovered it in the AirMiles store. I was asleep, fast asleep, when a voice whispered just beside my head, “should I order the Wii?” “Huh, what the…” “It’s listed on the AirMiles website. We have enough.” “Um… okay…zzzzzzz.” And that’s how we carefully plan through our Christmas purchases!

So since then, my son and husband have been playing Mario Cart 8 most evenings for the last half hour before bedtime. I rarely join in since I’m on a computer all day long at work and my wrists really need a rest in the evenings. Which would explain why I’m not getting good as quickly as they are. Otherwise I’m sure I’d be a superstar, a Mario Cart 8 superstar.

A few nights ago, I went downstairs to play Mario Cart with the boys, you know, some quality family time. My son just groaned, “No mom, I suck as a family!” Apparently when I play, the whole team suffers.

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That time we went to the zoo

Zoos are great places to take kids. Even crappy zoos can be entertaining for the little ones. Maybe that’s because kids are really just little wild animals and they feel they’re among their own kind at the zoo. Who knows!

We went to the zoo over the Christmas break with our kids and a whole bunch of their cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was great! The zoo was completely unimpressive as far a zoos go, but since it was our children’s first visit to any zoo (well, since they’ve been old enough to remember stuff), they thought it was the most exciting place ever.

Of course, they may not remember most of the animals, but they sure remember the lion that tried to pee on us and nearly succeeded, fishing through the fence for my daughters boot in the flamingo pond and the train ride.

“Mommy, remember when the lion tried to pee on us? That was so crazy!”

We were all innocently standing by the lion cage watching it pace majestically, because lions do everything majestically, when it wandered up close to us, turned around to show us his butt, and sprayed majestically. Seriously, it went nearly 10 feet! And most of us were within that 10 feet radius. FYI, if a lion comes up to you and then turns to show you his butt, you should back up.

“Mommy, remember when K lost her boot and we had to go fishing for it? That was so funny!”

I have no idea how it happened but all of a sudden, there was the little girl standing by the flamingo cage, minus her boot and crying. Naturally it had to happen in the one tiny spot where the pond flowed up to a drain that went under the path. The only way she could have lost her boot was if she had stuck her entire foot through the fence, which would not have been an accident. I’m shaking my head as I type this. So the aunts and uncles spent nearly half an hour with their arms through the fence, sticks in hand, trying to fish her pink little boot out of the muddy pond, while I stood holding her very heavy, sobbing, 4 year old self in my arms.

We did manage to rescue the boot just in time to catch the very expensive train ride which we had purchased non-refundable tickets to upon entering the zoo in the morning. She was seriously unimpressed with the train ride as her boot was soaked and muddy and she couldn’t put it on the entire time.

The train ride was just a train ride but kids love trains. I love getting to sit down and not chase them around.

It was a day to remember!

“Mommy, lions can pee really far can’t they? Remember the lion from the zoo? He almost peed on us!”

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I’m still here!

We managed to survive my daughter’s bout with the flu without anyone else getting it. Yay! Sadly, now everyone has a nasty cold (everyone except me) and is coughing and leaking snot all over the place. The kids seem to be coping with it okay, it’s just the hubs who has gotten his butt totally kicked by the cold.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to write lately. I know, it happens to all of us. So here’s an oldie but a goodie for those of you who haven’t been with me from the beginning.

Looking for a swinging bar! Originally posted on September 27, 2012

swingingMy daughter loves to swing on things. The most common object to swing on is a swing. We do have a tire swing in the back yard, but mommy and daddy really get tired of pushing her and her big brother on the swing.

In the absence of actual swings, she finds other things to swing on. She grabs ahold of the edge of the dining table, lifts up her feet, and swings back and forth. That’s pretty much the only object she can swing on in the house.

When we head to the playground, she heads straight to the swings. As I mentioned, mommy and daddy get really tired of pushing her on the swing. We now do the automatic scan of the playground for other things that she can swing on.

Which led to this priceless moment with our neighbour down the street, who had joined us at the playground with her kids.

Husband: Are there any good swinging bars around here?

Me: I don’t see any.

Neighbour: What?! (Very odd look on her face).

Husband: What? Oooooh! Not that kind of swinging bar!

This may explain why we’re having trouble making friends out here.

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