Stuff I Didn’t Write #1

It’s Monday and I’m tired. My little girl woke up coughing at 5:00am and vomited all over her bed and me. When the cough meds finally kicked in, she was too awake to go back to sleep. So I didn’t get to either.

I’m mostly incoherent so here’s some stuff that I found on the internets to keep you amused and/or informed.

Why I won’t Educate My Kids – Kristen Hansen Brakeman

Why moms get NOTHING DONE – Story of this life


That’s all for now. Going to grab a coffee and possible crawl under my desk for a quick nap.

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Bring me back my marbles!

Monday was a holiday here in our lovely part of the world… Family Day. And we had a whole lot of family over for the weekend. It was great! My kids loved playing with their cousins. My teensy toddler nephew discovered the marbles for the Hungry Hippo game and spent all weekend walking around with them clutched in his tiny fist.

I’m pretty sure he took my marbles home with him because that’s the only explanation for my week. Tuesday morning I dropped my son off at his school, then drove my daughter to her daycare… actually, I drove my daughter right past her daycare and almost all the way to my office. I would have made it to work except for a little voice that floated up from behind me in the van that asked, “Mommy, why are we going the wrong way?”

When I went home from work I forgot my phone, my precious phone, on my desk. I hate forgetting my phone. We don’t have a home phone line. I felt like I was missing calls all evening. Although to be honest, I hardly ever get calls. But if I had gotten a call, it would have been Tuesday night.

Last night when I realized that I had not supplies for the kids to make Valentines cards for their classmates, I hopped in the van to go to the dollar store. I parked in front of the store and went to grab my purse. Then I realized… it was still at home.

And that is why today I will take my lunch break to go pick up pre-made Valentines cards so that I don’t have to spend all evening pretending to be crafty.

I really need those marbles back little dude!

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Things my kids freak out about

If you have children, you know that some meltdowns hit you out of nowhere. You try to make sure they are fed before they have a hungry meltdown, you put them to bed before the tired meltdown, you keep an eye on things before you reach the standing-bored-for-too-long-in-a-lineup meltdown. But sometimes, your kid just freaking freaks out.

I have a theory that this is related to temporary demon possession.

Sometimes, they melt down over the stupidest things. Here’s my list, can you add to it?

  • New food for dinner. My son screamed like we were stabbing him with sharp knives. It was pulled pork dammit and it was delicious!
  • Leggings were too bendy. I don’t even know what this means!
  • Dress isn’t twirly or pretty enough.
  • Music isn’t loud enough.
  • Music is too loud.
  • Didn’t put enough mini wheats in the bowl.
  • Looked at her.
  • Talked to him.
  • Selected the wrong episode of Animal Mechanicals.
  • Stopped at a stop light.
  • Didn’t put enough food items on the plate.
  • Hates my picture of a rainbow.

I could go on, but just thinking about it makes me want to bring up another bottle of wine from the basement.

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