Back to school, or not

As the Canadian Labour Day weekend comes to a close, along with a week of holidays for our family, we are looking forward to returning to some semblance of a schedule. Well, actually, dear husband and I are looking forward to going back to our respective offices and returning our children to their full time care activities. 

Unfortunately, as residents of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, this does not include my son starting into his new grade one class at his new school. Why? Well, because all of our teachers are still on strike. Or maybe I should say they are on strike again.

Fun Fact: Since April 1987 – there have been more than 50 strikes and 3 lock outs.

Canada’s public education providers at their finest! Since they’ve gone on strike against each of our major political parties at some point or another, I’d venture a wild and crazy figurative stab in the dark that the common destructive denominator appears to be the union itself. (I’d insert a curse filled rant about unions and rabid lefty loonies at this point, but quite frankly we’re all tired of it all and pretty much all of the parents, regardless of their political leanings, just want the teacher contracts settled and their kids back to being educated.)

I’m bitter. I’m angry. I’m deeply envious of those people who can manage private schools in their budgets. I am more and more convinced every day of the sheer stupidity of my fellow human beings. But on the plus side, I’m willing to be proven wrong about the stupid human beings part! 

At least our current government is willing to ease the financial burden of parents who now find themselves scrambling for additional weeks of summer time childcare… $40/day thank you very much. Considering that I pay taxes that go towards teachers’ salaries, for services that they are currently refusing to provide, I view it as an education rebate more than anything else. Too bad it’s all going towards a few extra weeks of non-educational summer/fall camp activities.

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Mostly I like you

The other night as I was putting my dear boy to bed, the conversation went a little like this:

Son: Mommy, mostly I like you, but sometimes I hate you.

Me: Oh? Well mostly I like you too, but I never hate you.

Son: Mommy, I really love you.

Me: I really love you too!

Son: I know. Even when you’re not happy with me.

Warms a mother’s heart.

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Have you ever felt so ashamed of yourself that you want to just crawl into a deep dark cave for a few years until you forget why you crawled into it in the first place and your memories have all been wiped away due to the isolation of living in a deep dark cave?

No, me neither.

I just seriously under performed on a job interview, which led to not getting the job. Not at all surprising. I’m more upset about not bringing my A-game than not getting the job. I still have my current term position and there’s another permanent one coming up so no one is going to go hungry around here. I’m also not literally crawling into a cave.

I hear that admitting these things makes you feel better. I’ll let you know if that’s actually true – I doubt it. Still, thanks internet for listening. No need to respond if you don’t want to.

I’m going to go pour a nice robust rye and cola for therapeutic purposes and list the many other blessings in my life. I hear that also makes you feel better. Here goes:

- Rye and cola
- children that are mostly lovely and more importantly, go to bed decently at night (yay sleep training)
- microwave popcorn
- a husband that cooks way better than me so that we don’t have to eat crappy food every night
- the new Starbucks app that I can use without having to log in to the Starbucks wifi first to use
- my MacBook Air (my precious!)
- our closet full of wine
- Netflix
- chips, all of the chips
- that my children only pretend to be zombies but are not actually zombies for real life
- that body suits with crotch snaps do not seem to be coming back into style
- and all of that other stuff that normal people are thankful for like friends and family… them too.

Oh shoot, I know why this isn’t working yet, I forgot to pour the rye and cola first!

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