The neighbors are fighting again…

ME: Hey hon, the neighbors are at it again!

HON: What?

ME: I said, the neighbors are fighting again. Should we do something?

HON: Like what?

ME: I don’t know. Call the cops. Tell them to keep it down.

HON: Don’t bother, it won’t make a difference. They’re just going to fight about something else when this one is over.

ME: Fair enough. I’m going to close the windows though, it’s pretty loud and I’m trying to concentrate on getting stuff done.

HON: Okay.

ME: But if they pull out the weapons and start shooting, we’re putting up a fence okay?

HON: They’re not going to start shooting at each other, don’t be so dramatic.

ME: I wouldn’t be so sure, have you hear the stuff they’re saying to each other? Maybe we should start pricing out fence materials… just in case.

So… when is that election again? Soon right? And then you’ll be done right?

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The chicken dance…

Yesterday morning, after the getting dressed meltdown, the choosing what I want to eat meltdown, followed closely by the tooth brushing meltdown, we somehow managed to rally our spirits and do the chicken dance into the school building at about 8:05am.


Parenting young children (I can’t speak to parenting older children yet) is like having some weird form of bipolar disorder. The mood swings are extreme. You go from wanting to scream at them to laughing your ass off. It’s exhausting.

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Naked Lego

Last weekend we had to move all of the Lego out of my son’s room. He was getting too distracted in the mornings (at bedtime too). We’d tell him to get changed. He’d get as far as undressing. Half an hour later I’d go check on him and find him playing Lego completely naked. Every time.

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