One of those days…

This morning I hugged the wrong kid.

I dropped the kids off at before school care. They wandered off to play. My son, or so I thought, sat down with the Lego so I knelt and gave him a side hug. He looked up at me and I realized, “You’re not my kid!”



I need coffee.

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Wolf boy

So the other night at dinner my son informed us that he was half wolf. Every night he turns into a wolf, sneaks out, and goes hunting. Sometimes he meets up with his wolf pack, the other half wolf-half boy kids from school.

He had an entire back story and a quick answer for every question we had about his wolfy nighttime wanderings. He was so sincere and earnest.

Meanwhile, his little sister was totally freaking out. “No, it’s not true! You’re not a wolf! There’s no such thing!”

Who knew they’d get so entertaining?

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Three more sleeps to school!

I can’t wait for the first day of school! I’ve even taken the day off to celebrate. And no, I will not be picking the kids up from the early dismissal time, they will be going to after care with their friends.

I will be getting a hair cut and reading on the front deck with a delicious beverage.

Yay school!

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