Easy Summer Snack Recipe

This is a fabulous summer treat that anyone can make and everyone will enjoy.

Supplies needed:

-Ice Cream (any kind)
-Ice Cream Cones (any kind)
-Ice Cream Scoop


-Scoop ice cream out of ice cream container
-Put ice cream on cone
-For more stability, smush some of the ice cream into the cone.

To fancy up this summer treat, you could add sprinkles on top or use chocolate dipped cones.


About dirtyrottenparenting

I'm a parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. I work full time out of the home and I don't cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. I keep my high heels and jewelry at my office because there's no point in having them at home.
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10 Responses to Easy Summer Snack Recipe

  1. Jeni says:

    This will be much neater than using my kids’ hands and cones and my own hand as a scoop. Thanks for the tip!

  2. speaker7 says:

    Love it! What do you call it? Coned Ice Cream?

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    At last, a kindred spirit!
    Me and the guys just finished eating ours, and then I read this fabulous post.

  4. Kathy V. says:

    Yay! Thank you! I never would have thought of this!

  5. Nice, I didn’t have a scoop since the toddler can reach the drawer we keep it in and now we don’t know where anything in that drawer is. I used a spoon instead – totally worked! I was also putting the cone wide end down because it seemed more stable, but using the open end and mushing the ice cream into the hole is a much better suggestion! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more great recipes.

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