Things I hate about Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I just don’t love everything about Christmas. Some of the things I don’t love (and might even hate)…

  • Shopping Malls in December (I believe I’ve mentioned this before!) People get crazy and spend money they don’t have. People get stressed out about finding the perfect gift. I’m a simple gal, if you feel compelled to buy me something (although please don’t – except if you’re my husband, then please get me something I’ve hinted at) then I’m happy with a gingerbread cookie, a dark chocolate bar, or a little bag of Doritoes! I might even get the rest of my shopping done online just to avoid the malls. I buy for my kids, my husband, and my nieces and nephews. That doesn’t mean I have no love for anyone else, it just means that my love for you doesn’t exceed my hatred of having to go shopping.
  • All that sugary junk! Yes, I like sugary junk, but I hate how it’s always in my face over the holidays. Who are these baking fiends and what can we do with the boatloads of sweets they produce? I say, donate them to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Don’t make me eat it all, I’ve got enough fat on me to live off of for a year already.
  • Candy Canes. Sure they look pretty, all green, red and white, hanging from fir trees. But then your kid gets ahold of them and you end up with random sticky patches all over the house, little crumbly sticky bits in the furniture, and sugar highs that turn your angels into mini meth-head demons.
  • Kid’s begging for presents. I know we bring this on ourselves when we ask them what they want. We really need to start asking them what they want to give instead. So far, this has gone over like a lead balloon. But hey, maybe we get them a lead balloon for Christmas this year!
  • Secret Santa gift exchanges. Screw secret Santa! I’m trying to cut back spending and set a budget for family gifts and you’re telling me to buy something nice for someone I neither know nor care about. Nothing makes me feel Scroogier than Secret Santa.
  • People who don’t want you to say “Christmas.” It is bloody Christmas already folks, just because I say “Merry Christmas” to you, doesn’t mean I have some racist, or anti-other-religious agenda. If you want to say “Happy Hanukkah” or “Festive Solstice” to me, I’d be tickled that you thought of wishing me well on a sacred holiday. I don’t expect that you celebrate the same holiday as I do, but excuse me if I want to extend good wishes to you. In fact, never mind, if you’re the sort to get your knickers in a knot over the word “Christmas” then I’m not extending good wishes to you anyhow. So there!
  • Home-made eggnog. I’m sure someone out there can make home-made eggnog just fine, but I’m always going to prefer the store bought stuff. With rum.

There you have it, things I hate about Christmas. See, it’s not a long list. There are lots of things I do love, and I may even share them in some future post.


About dirtyrottenparenting

I'm a parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. I work full time out of the home and I don't cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. I keep my high heels and jewelry at my office because there's no point in having them at home.
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24 Responses to Things I hate about Christmas

  1. I love this!
    I am working on a similar list 🙂

  2. momtimes4 says:

    I could not agree more with this list! I hate when my kids eat candy canes. Call me a scrooge, but it does end up everywhere. I also HATE secret Santa, especially when someone puts a dollar amount on it, because that amount is usually way more than I want to spend. Wow – I sound really cranky! Ha Ha!

  3. DUH'Merica says:

    Nice post. The shopping malls and eggnog are my least favorites. My wife and I have four kids and thankfully they are pretty much done with begging for presents. My favorite part about Christmas is drinking to get through it:)

  4. I REALLY like the idea about asking kids what they want to give. 😀 Brilliant! And I will say Merry Christmas for ever. I agree with you 100%. Merry. Christmas.

  5. lexiesnana says:

    Merry Christmas I loved this post.

  6. I’m not a big Secret Santa person either, but one year I did do it and got a very good friend as my person. That is probably the only year I’ve really enjoyed it-I did a 12 days of Christmas them and a poem with every little gift. 😀

    I agree with you on almost all counts except the eggnog because I have tried it and I think it just sucks period!

  7. Secret Santa exchanges are evil

  8. sillyliss says:

    I feel like I have a lot to learn. I am going to try saying Happy Chanukah to some random person and see how that goes over. One year I told everybody at the office who said “merry Christmas” to me, “you too!” (with a big smile and everything) and someone told me later that was rude, and that I should be responding “merry Christmas” back. I was humbled and dumbfounded. So now I just smile and nod when people say it to me, or say back, “Have a great day.” I’m the best Grinch ever!

  9. Country Girl says:

    The thing I hate most about Christmas? DEFINITELY the shopping. Ugh. I’d rather drink ditch water. Thankfully our shopping list is insanely small. Four. Just four. That’s it, that’s all. Thank goodness.

    My favorite part about Christmas? Egg nog and….wait for it…Fireball Whiskey. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s amazing. I find it even better than rum (which is saying a lot, ’cause I love my rum). At least I’ll get to smell it this year.

  10. What about the freaked out screaming kids sitting on the old dude that smells like ciggies and beer in a red suit and they are meant to smile???? OK I lie, I find this kinda funny ……

  11. Deni Lyn says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Candy Canes. I was just thinking this afternoon I should get some. . .maybe the fruity flavored ones just to offer a few licks to our 18-month old. I’m soooooo stupid! I NEVER even thought of all the stickiness. Thank you for the warning. I think I’ll still get them, maybe just save them for Grandma’s house. Ha!

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