It’s been a long week

My husband has been out of town for a week now. It’s been a very, very long week. It is a good thing I have a job and can leave the kids at daycare during the weekdays, because I’m getting sick of them and their squabbling. This is also my explanation for not blogging.

I’m not blogging now either. I’m just sharing a link to a fabulous post by one of the ladies at Fourtuitous. It’s an excellent list of parenting awards that I’m sure each of us deserves to get more than once.

Go read it now.


About dirtyrottenparenting

I'm a parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. I work full time out of the home and I don't cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. I keep my high heels and jewelry at my office because there's no point in having them at home.
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2 Responses to It’s been a long week

  1. fourtuitous says:

    I’m not sure how you’re functioning with your husband away for a week. I’m starting to twitch just thinking about it. Hang in there! I hope when he returns he’s prepared for a kid hand-off!

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