For Love

I’m meeting my husband at Starbucks for coffee this morning, a valentines coffee. Which is exactly the same as any other kind of coffee, only on Valentine’s Day. He sent me the invite on Facebook. We have a lot of Starbuckses in town. I’m at the one indicated on the event invitation. It’s not the one closest to his office on this street. I might be having coffee alone!

I’ll let you know in about 15 minutes when he’s supposed to meet me here…



Yep, this was not the intended location. My hubby’s getting a little more exercise than planned and I’ll drive him back to his office afterwards! I’ll have company for my 2nd cup of coffee for sure!


About dirtyrottenparenting

I'm a parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. I work full time out of the home and I don't cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. I keep my high heels and jewelry at my office because there's no point in having them at home.
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3 Responses to For Love

  1. sillyliss says:

    Good thing that are Starbucks on every corner so he won’t have to go too far. That’s pretty hilarious. And I did something similar recently when I called in an order to my favorite Mexican restaurant, then tried to pick it up at the location closest to me instead of the location I had called. : )

  2. hahahahahahaha – that’s too funny!

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