Things my kids freak out about

If you have children, you know that some meltdowns hit you out of nowhere. You try to make sure they are fed before they have a hungry meltdown, you put them to bed before the tired meltdown, you keep an eye on things before you reach the standing-bored-for-too-long-in-a-lineup meltdown. But sometimes, your kid just freaking freaks out.

I have a theory that this is related to temporary demon possession.

Sometimes, they melt down over the stupidest things. Here’s my list, can you add to it?

  • New food for dinner. My son screamed like we were stabbing him with sharp knives. It was pulled pork dammit and it was delicious!
  • Leggings were too bendy. I don’t even know what this means!
  • Dress isn’t twirly or pretty enough.
  • Music isn’t loud enough.
  • Music is too loud.
  • Didn’t put enough mini wheats in the bowl.
  • Looked at her.
  • Talked to him.
  • Selected the wrong episode of Animal Mechanicals.
  • Stopped at a stop light.
  • Didn’t put enough food items on the plate.
  • Hates my picture of a rainbow.

I could go on, but just thinking about it makes me want to bring up another bottle of wine from the basement.


About dirtyrottenparenting

I'm a parent of two lovely (most of the time) children. I work full time out of the home and I don't cook well, bake, sew, or do crafty things. I keep my high heels and jewelry at my office because there's no point in having them at home.
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16 Responses to Things my kids freak out about

  1. LOVE THIS! Made me laugh! My 10 year old’s big thing is jeans that actually fit him properly — he hates them! He’s super skinny and I have a hard time finding jeans for him, so he looks like a gangsta about half the time with clown pants. He has 3 pair of jeans that fit him properly, and when I fool him into putting them on, he rolls on the ground like a 3 year old who’s just been told it’s nap time.

    Good luck to you! I’d tell you it gets better, but it doesn’t. I have an 18 year old, too. You don’t even wanna know about her meltdowns! 🙂

  2. I’ll take a glass of that wine. I am recovering from an “I an not tired and do not need a nap” meltdown.

  3. rossmurray1 says:

    Is there some linking commonality between all these episodes — besides you being in the room that is?

  4. (Much) older sister told him to stop doing what he knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing.
    Brother picked up a toy that he wasn’t playing with anyway.
    No one would come wipe his bottom immediately after being summoned.
    I tried to take him home when basketball practice was over.
    Someone else in the car mentioned that it was raining and he didn’t want them to say that.
    He didn’t like how information was communicated to him.
    The light was turned off when it was time for bed.
    The door was closed when it was time for bed.
    We didn’t return for a second round of hugs and kisses at bedtime.
    The person he was interrupting didn’t stop talking when he started interrupting. Or…
    Someone interrupted his interruption to tell him he should wait his turn.
    I suggested he wear his favorite shirt.

    My children are 14, 11, and 6. Being the youngest must be very challenging. He’s a powder keg ready to go off at the slightest provocation.

    • Great list! Or should I say… horrible, awful, terrible, no good list! Today we had a meltdown because the box was too small for both kids to fit in at the same time.

      I also love when my son declares something to be “no fair.” Things like bedtime, or no TV during supper, or when he’s supposed to get clothes on in the morning. How is it not fair?!

  5. Leggings were too bendy. HAHAHA…. sorry, that strikes me as hilarious. In my house lately, the meltdowns are because I am trying to watch my salt intake and buy the reduced sodium version of products these days. So sue me! Reduced sodium Cheese-Its are apparently the devil’s food. But what was even more evil was when I tried to “lightly” salt my young son’s batch of neon orange crackers and the lid came off the salt shaker and they drowned in a sea of white powder. Did he take it with a grain of salt? You guess the answer. Great post!!!

  6. whosmike_b says:

    My 4 year old has meltdowns about her meltdowns. You can see it in her eyes . She will be upset about one thing….when given a logical reason why that can’t happen, she gets this look as if she is thinking about the next thing to be upset about so as to continue the meltdown. Yesterday it was cheese puffs and how she never gets them (this was due to the fact her bag was empty) which then continued to her disappointment that she then needed a drink (which she had drank all of it) and so on.

  7. Tracy @ Crazy As Normal says:

    I hate to one-up you, but I ruined my 10 year old’s life yesterday because I made her help unload groceries.

  8. Mom(my)(ma) with Celiac says:

    This is such a perfect picture of the demon possession. I completely agree that is the only answer. My 3 year old melted into a snotty, tear-stained puddle the other night because I laughed. Not at him. Just because I laughed. He said laughing was not allowed and then when I told him it was time for bed, he replied, “that is the most awful unfair thing you have every said.” I love him so very much.

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