Time flies when you’re…

…parenting. I was a little alarmed when I checked the date of my last post and realized that it has been nearly exactly a year since I last wrote.

Last year at this time I was in my last week of work at my old job, and looking ahead to a week off before starting my new job. My parents were visiting. The weather was beautiful.

This year, I am just about to start in on a “new” job. Not really new, so much as a new project in my current work place, doing new things but with the same program. I guess that counts as new.

So much has happened. Not long after my last post I found out that a family member’s cancer had returned and things were not likely to go well. That was followed by many trips back to my birthplace for visits, with my limited vacation time. My son managed to break his arm attempting a back flip off the monkey bars, just as we were headed into summer camp season. Which meant a frantic rescheduling of camp registrations to find broken arm friendly camps – yes that’s as difficult as it sounds. More trips back to see family. A trip back for a funeral. Kids growing and getting more and more independent. A fall out of a tree, not me, the back-flipping child… No broken limbs this time thankfully, but a few days of lying on the couch with a sore back.

And today, a year later, I sit here on my favourite comfy chair and it feels like it has been 10 years – or at least 5. I’ve missed writing. I think it’s time to start again.

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A fun maze for the kids

My parents have been staying with us for March break (March break is 2 weeks long in our neck of the world). The kids love having the undivided attention of their grandparents for two whole weeks! They play games together, they get stories read to them, they do crafts and colouring, they get McDonald’s food, they get gum, they get ice cream, they get presents, what’s not to love!

We have a “bedroom corner” in our basement (the rest of the basement is for toys and playing), so the basement becomes my parents territory. While they are visiting I rarely go down there. I had to do some laundry the other night (my son waltzed downstairs in his underwear and socks and announced to us all that he had no clean pajamas) and realized with a bit of shock that it is a total disaster zone, except for the bedroom corner. I did a blitz clean up attack and went back upstairs.

I looked at the kids at told them that when grandma and grandpa leave, they were going to have some serious cleaning up to do because the basement was dangerous.

Underwear boy gave me a cheeky grin and said, “A danger zone for grown-ups, a fun maze for the kids!”

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March break!? When did it break?

Here on the left coast of Canada March break is two weeks long. While I get that by now most teachers could probably use about a month off, 2 weeks feels like a lot of childcare to cover, especially when summer is just around the corner. Add to that the fact that it’s time to file our taxes (yes we’re a teensy bit behind on that) and we’ve just gathered up all of our childcare tax receipts and can I just say…


How do people afford children these days? How long before we can make them start earning their keep? Anyone know of a good child powered sweat shop in town?

I think that whole guesstimate about how it costs a million dollars to raise a child is totally lowballed. There’s no way kids are that cheap!

On that note, I’m going to go make myself feel better by purchasing a venti Starbucks Pike Place coffee, no sugar, no cream, pure caffeine for the same cost of a half hour of babysitting.

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