Epic daily commute

So… daylight savings… I know this is a bit after the fact, but I’ve discovered a way not to completely hate it.

Although I totally miss getting home after work while there is still a bit of daylight left (and would far rather be engulfed in darkness when I head to work in the morning), I’ve discovered a delightful benefit to driving home in the dark…

… cue the movie soundtrack for Lord of the Rings…

There’s something about driving in the dark with an epic soundtrack playing loudly. It transforms the boring old drive down the road with lots of annoying other drivers taking up precious road space into a journey fraught with danger, adventure, and strange creatures lurking in the shadows. No really, it actually does. You should try it. It’s epic and spooky and yes I may be a little weird and nerdy. It’s working for me though.

Of course, the music totally freaks the kids out so when I pick them up from after school care I have to go back to the regular soundtrack of silly songs.

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Candy coma haze…

So, just coming out of a candy induced coma post Halloween and something seems a little off in the world. Did I miss something?

I’ve heard rumours that America elected a reality TV star to run the country. Apparently girls aren’t allowed to be president yet. To be fair, they aren’t allowed to be prime minister up here either. Plus we’ve got a high school teacher in charge of things.

Canada = bunch of high school students
USA = bunch of reality TV “actors”

I’m probably just going to stay on my side of the continent for awhile, high school wasn’t that bad. You folks look out for each other down there.

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Halloween approaching

I love Halloween… I really love it. I love the costumes, I love decorating, it’s just so darn much fun. Costumes are mostly ready, house is decorated with giant spiders and a giant spider web, and the little graveyard in the front flower bed, the projector is standing by to light up scary scenes in the upstairs window.

Yes indeed, we are all ready for the big day… except for the candy.

We can’t buy candy too far ahead of time or else we don’t have any left to hand out to the children. In fact, this is what I would probably look like if we had purchased candy in advance…


Yummmm… candy.

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