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Mediacating the children

Admit it, you do it too! When the kidlets get restless and you’re trying to accomplish something important like getting dinner ready, or shaving your legs for the first time in months, or reading my blog… just turn on the … Continue reading

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I have a snack for you: Monday Quotes #32

“I have a snack for you (pukes up mushy blue stuff).” Sloth-like creature. My children have discovered the newest Ice Age movie, Continental Drift. Yesterday they spend about 20 minutes at three different points in the day, saying “I have … Continue reading

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Sick Day #2

Well, I’m down to 1 kid again… the little girl was just fine this morning and was hustled off to daycare quickly lest that change. Today’s sick day is brought to you by the #1 (thank the powers of the … Continue reading

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